Know Your Life Purpose

Learn the Hidden Messages Of Your Purpose

Hey There!


Have you been called to awaken deeper into the meaning of your life's mission?

Are you ready to unlock the visions that lay dormant inside of you?

Your Purpose

Is something that has been pre-destined and encoded in your DNA before your were born.

Is something you are feeling like you are meant to embrace & embody with significance at this point in time.

Is your intertwined with your work, you money manifestation, and how you are meant to show up on the planet.

Here's the thing.

You came here to the planet with a job to do.


It's not about who are the chosen ones, but instead who are the ones that are choosing to live divinely guided.


We are at the apex of raising the level of consciousness on the planet.


As we shift from the 3D to 5D on earth we welcome shifts in old programming and paradigms related to wealth, fulfillment, and freedom.


This shift includes you.


If you have made it this far it means you are already fully steeped in your purpose work or are to harness you truth.


Where ever you are in the soul truth discovery process. The.Time.Is.NOW.

What is Your Truth?

To understand your unique role in the current mission of raising consciousness on the planet.

Activate Heart Magnetism which is the key to manifestation.

Tap into Your Highest Truth and Divine Guidance to learn your specific next steps in your purpose.

To see past the veil to the parts of your truth that have not yet been uncovered.

How to Find Purpose?

You will be connecting to your higher truth through two guided hypnotic journeying sessions.


These will be in a group program where everyone will be safely led by me through the process.


You will connect to your own innate divine guidance and any other guides that want to show up specifically through you.


Here we will ask specific questions relating to your role in the next few months in your purpose work.

You will learn what is your role in the mission of raising consciousness and helping others?

What are your specific next steps for you to take?

What do you need to see in order to move forward?


In this session, we will be traveling through the heart center to the various heart portals that make up your centers of magnetism.

We visit each portal and ask what we need to learn about ourselves & purpose?

We activate each portal and clear resistance in order to be divinely led and open to receiving abundance.

If this calls to you sign up below!

I'm excited to share this epic journey with you.


INVESTMENT IS JUST $89 for the group program.